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6 Benefits of Buying Industrial and Laboratory Furniture From a Manufacturer-Direct

Finding the right industrial and laboratory furniture is a must – considering the uses that such pieces of furniture are to be used for. As it is, you will need to ensure that every furniture piece you buy will be durable, efficient and will have all the qualities needed to make your investment worthwhile.Fortunately, you can buy laboratory and industrial furniture from many sources. You can buy them from traditional brick and mortar furniture shops, dealers, from online stores, or you can make your purchase from a manufacturer-direct.In here, we will be discussing the benefits of buying your furniture directly from a manufacturer. What are they? Here are some of the most viable reasons for doing so:There Are More Options to Choose FromFurniture manufacturers (considering that they are designing and building their own pieces) – will most likely have a wider inventory to choose from. Being so, you’ll be able to choose the proper industrial furniture designs or types that will fit your preference and purpose.You Can Avail of Customization ServicesUnlike furniture dealers, manufacturers can actually provide clients with custom services that comply with certain qualifications. You can order custom-built laboratory furniture that will fit the special needs of your laboratory, like for example: customized lab fume hoods, chemical fume hoods, laminar air flow furniture and other furniture types.Greater AffordabilityIf you are buying from a manufacturer-direct – then you can expect that there will be no third parties or “middle-men” that’ll be increasing the prices of the furniture in order to make a commission. Accordingly, this will make your preferred pieces more affordable, ultimately leading to more savings which you can spend on other pieces or on other investments.Warranties and GuaranteesMost reputable furniture manufacturers give out warranties and guarantees for the furniture they are selling to the public. Hence, when you buy from them, you can be assured that you will get the furniture that you’re expecting.Before making a purchase, you might want to talk with the manufacturer-seller regarding their policies. Do they have a return policy? What are their terms and conditions when enforcing such policy? Knowing which is which will at least give you an idea as to the type of consumer protection that you will get from them.It’s Easier to Know Specifics from a Manufacturer DirectAt times, you might get curious as to what the specifics of a particular industrial or laboratory furniture is. If you’re purchasing from a manufacturer-direct, then you will not have a big problem with this. You can easily ask the manufacturer as to how a particular furniture piece was built and the materials composing it – and you will get a clear answer. After all, they are the ones who designed and built it.Delivery and ShippingBuying laboratory and industrial furniture from a manufacturer directly will most likely mean that they will ship the item for you. Accordingly, you might want to look at the shipping fees they charge, or whether or not they’ll do it for free (based on minimum purchases). By dealing with a reputable furniture company – you can be assured that you will get your purchased furniture as agreed upon.

Maserati GranTurismo Convertible: Interior Design and Custom Options

In the Maserati GranTurismo convertible the attention to detail is everywhere and revealed in features such as the subtle chrome inlay that elegantly decorates the dashboard and steering wheel’s buttons, the hand-crafted Trident logo on the seat headrests, the Alcantara® trim lining the back of the gear shift paddles and the visible stitching in the front and rear armrest.The GranTurismo Convertible interior is almost exclusively done with Poltrona Frau™ leather, a true expression of Italian craftsmanship thanks to the superior quality of its row material and fabrication process. The leather refined process guarantees durability, strength and a soft material. The leather is available in ten colors to offer compelling combinations for the seats, dashboard, tonneau cover, steering wheel and gear level knob, all of which can be contrasted with the colors of the thread and carpets.Dashboard and doors panel can also be personalized: the standard dark grey trim can be tailored with darker technical colors for a more sporting feeling, whether an array of standard precious wood create the warm and elegant look of a classic Italian automobile. In the Maserati GranTurismo Convertible, clients can now choose from two additional personalization materials such as Carbalho wood, with its characteristic sectioned patterns, and Moonwood with its linear grains. Carbalho is a very unique wood from Brazil characterized by medium density and high porosity. By contrast, Moonwood is a multi-layer composite wood with a light color and pinkish grain which exceptionally suits the car interior. Even the carpets are customizable and clients can choose from seven different colors.A new set of custom-fit luggage have been created for the Maserati GranTurismo Convertible. Available in leather or combination of leather/fabric, the luggage is offered in blue, black, red, brown and beige. The basic luggage set is designed to perfectly fit the trunk of the Maserati Convertible and it is composed by men’s and women’s roller bags and beauty cases. An additional case is also available for loading onto the rear seats.In addition to infinitive customizations options for their new vehicle, Maserati owners can enjoy exclusive driving experience such as the Maserati Driving Courses in Italy. Thru the Master Maserati Driving Courses, Maserati offers to all its clients the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving the latest models in the “home” race track of Varano de’ Melegari, few miles from the Maserati Headquarters. The Master Driving Courses are designed to teach how to properly handle a Maserati while still pushing and controlling its complete powerful fleet to its limit under a professional guidance and safety environment.